Endoscopic Brow Lift

Like a conventional brow lift, an endoscopic brow lift reduces moderate to severe wrinkles and raises sagging eyebrows and heavy eyelids.  However, the endoscopic brow lift is a particular technique that is less invasive than a conventional brow lift because it employs a small surgical video device called an endoscope. 

The endoscope allows brow lift surgery to be performed with only a few small incisions on the scalp, rather than one long incision spanning from ear to ear.

If you're considering an endoscopic brow lift, please view our pages on BOTOX® and eyelid surgery as well.

Is a brow lift right for you?

If you wish to correct static forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet or forehead skin laxity with minimal downtime, an endoscopic brow lift may be recommended.

During your consultation with Dr. Weston, she will talk with you about your goals and evaluate your health and medical history before determining whether an endoscopic brow lift is right for you.

What to expect during endoscopic brow lift surgery

After your hairline is trimmed back and prepared for surgery, you are placed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation. 

A few small incisions are made on your scalp, hidden behind the hairline, and an endoscope, or small video camera, is inserted, allowing Dr. Weston to perform your brow lift surgery without making additional incisions. 

The forehead skin, fat and muscle tissues are lifted, and excess tissue is removed.  Incisions are typically closed with removable or absorbable sutures.

Endoscopic brow lift recovery

Due to the effects of anesthesia, you will need a ride home following endoscopic brow lift surgery.  In order to minimize swelling and bruising, be sure to keep your head elevated and apply cold compresses the first few days following surgery.  You may feel numbness, itching or other strange sensations as your nerves recover from surgery, but those will resolve over time.

Endoscopic brow lift recovery is typically faster than recovery from a conventional brow lift, as the limited incisions require less healing time.  Within one week, you should be able to return to work and normal daily activity, but vigorous activity should be avoided for several weeks, and full recovery can take several months.

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