Breast Asymmetry

Breast reconstruction, reduction, and augmentation are not strictly for women who want to increase, decrease or enhance the size of their breasts. Many women all over the world notice slight irregularities within the comparison of their breasts. From one breast to the other there are slight differences in the volume of tissue, and the positioning of the nipple-areola complex by pointing upward, downward, or at a slight angle. When a woman looks at her reflection and sees this asymmetrical profile, she may feel uncomfortable if the differences are increasingly prominent.

However, these differences in breast size are common as more than half of the women in the world have some form of asymmetry in their breasts. The reason for this is that more often than not, breast tissue is usually slightly increased in one breast. We do understand the aesthetic concern with breast asymmetry at Atherton Plastic Surgery and are ready to help our clients correct asymmetry with a variety of augmentation surgical procedures.


Our breast asymmetry procedures address:


  • Volume of tissues within the breasts
  • Size of the breasts
  • Positioning
  • Shape


Breast Asymmetry Assessment and Surgical Plan


At Atherton Plastic Surgery, under the direction of Dr. Weston, we offer our clients a full consultation before we move into our surgical recommendations for correcting breast asymmetry. Dr. Weston will meet with you and discuss your personal concerns with the look and feel of your breasts; during this time, she will take down a full medical history, take photos and measurements of your breasts. Using precise body measurements with attention to the natural proportions of your body, Dr. Weston can begin mapping out the best course of action to achieve your ideal symmetrical breasts.

There are few things to consider as Dr. Weston develops a surgical plan: ptosis or sagging of the breasts, the positioning of the nipple-areola complex, size and shape of the areola, the level of volume loss within the breasts and overall size. It’s important to note that correction of breast asymmetry is not a breast lift; should you decide you would like an increased lift in the breasts, this procedure will need to be added to the surgical plan.


Volume and Size


To address the volume difference in the breasts, Dr. Weston will perform a fat grafting or fat transfer procedure. Alternatively, she may recommend breast implants to help even out any significant volume difference between breasts. In addition to the repositioning of the fatty tissue to help balance breasts, implants can add volume that is naturally lacking. Should you decide to go with breast implants, there are a variety of styles for you to choose from composed of silicone or saline. At Atherton Plastic Surgery, our clients are encouraged to bring a spouse or close friend with them to help them make the decision on the type and style of the implant. Clients can try on the implants in various sizes, feel their texture and weight.




The position of the breasts can vary based on genetics, weight loss, childbirth and the impact of hormones. When repositioning the breasts, one or both breasts may require a breast lift to lessen the amount of sagging in the breast tissue for balance. As the breasts are repositioned accordingly, variations in the size of the areola can be altered as well. Dr. Weston is skilled in areola resizing while preserving the integrity and function of the nipples. Should you be interested in the reconstruction of the areola, mention this to Dr. Weston during your breast asymmetry consultation.




The form of the breasts will come together as Dr. Weston replenishes volume and improves the relative position of the breasts. Shaping comes into play during the balancing of tissue construction naturally present within the breasts, via reduction or with lift and implant enhancement. Atherton Aesthetics works with our clients to make sure they are involved in the planning process concerning the overall appearance of the breasts. We want our clients to admire the look of their breasts; when aesthetic desires are addressed under the skilled and artistic direction of an experienced plastic surgeon, optimal results are within reach.


Going into Surgery


Based on your personal needs for breast asymmetry surgery, Dr. Weston will recommend a combination of procedures and techniques to give you the breasts you’ve always dreamed of. Before beginning surgery, Dr. Weston will draw a series of surgical guidelines on the breasts. During the procedure, a local anesthetic will be used as well as injections made within the breasts for complete comfort during the procedure. Should you have an allergy to local anesthetic, an alternative will be used.


The Recovery Process


Following the surgery, Dr. Weston will add some compression dressings or fit you with a compression bra to support the breasts during the healing process. Depending on the particulars of the surgery and if you have had implants placed, recovery time will vary, and surgical drains may be added. Recovery time can take anywhere eight to twelve weeks, reducing your daily activity to make sure tissues have time to heal properly.

If you're interested in learning more about breast asymmetry surgery, call Atherton Plastic Surgery today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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